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ISO 50001:2011  Energy Management Systems

June 1, 2018

ISO 50001:2011  Energy Management Systems

In 2014, MSSA started to develop its project called “Wattelse”,  in order to identify the different ways to achieve energy savings.

To go a step further, MSSA has decided to reach a certificate level.

MSSA has chosen to be ISO 50001 certified since June 2016 and has put in place an energy management system.

Through this standard based on continuous improvement, MSSA has set up a multiyear energy saving program.

We set targets and goals to implement a Quality Security Environmental Energy policy.

MSSA is committed to measure, reduce and improve its energy consumption. Saving potentials have been identified and are regularly followed by the QSEE steering committee.
In 2017, we have achieved an energy saving in line with our initial plan. We will continue our effort to reach our target of saving 5% of Energy in 5 years.