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Maintenance, cleaning, dismantling

Call on MSSA teams to decontaminate your sodium facilities before maintenance, regulatory inspection or dismantling operation.

Maintenance, cleaning and dismantling

Thanks to 120 continuous years manufacturing sodium, MSSA has industry leading experience in operating, maintaining, and dismantling sodium facilities. MSSA can help you to improve your practices for day to day operations and provide expertise and assistance for specific maintenance and/or troubleshooting.

MSSA has developed in house technologies and processes to clean and decontaminate sodium tanks and equipment. It gives us a unique know-how to manage your project safely.

Some examples, our technologies allow us:

  • to handle liquid sodium safely without any fire risk,
  • to convert large quantities of sodium into caustic effluent with a complete control of the chemical reaction
  • to dispose of residue on site

MSSA has also acquired a large experience with lithium operating and handling thanks to its production. MSSA can offer similar services to sodium maintenance, cleaning and dismantling for lithium facilities.

MSSA can manage your projects bottom-up: from its feasibility studies up to on-site intervention for cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting or dismantling, whatever the field of activity, even in the nuclear field.

MSSA teams are trained in alkaline metals (sodium, lithium, NaK) handling and have acquired strong field expertise throughout more than 15 years of assistance with our customers.

Past Projects:

Plant Dismantling :

  • On-site work : Cutting and removing sodium pipes (465 m linear)
  • Transfer to MSSA plant for cleaning.

Sodium storage cleaning prior to periodic inspection :

  • On-site work :Mechanical cleaning + hydrolysis of a 30 m3 tank
  • Transfer of recovered sodium to MSSA plant
  • Recycling of sodium in MSSA plant

Dismantling project :

  • On site work : Cutting and removing sodium pipes (75 m linear) and equipment
  • Draining of a 10 msodium tank on site
  • Tank cleaning on site using WVN skid
  • Transfer of sodium objects to MSSA plant
  • Cleaning of sodium piping and equipment on MSSA plant

Sodium storage cleaning:

  • On site work : Mechanical cleaning of a 63 m3 tank
  • Transfer of recovered sodium to MSSA plant
  • Recycling of sodium in MSSA plant
Maintenance, cleaning, dismantling

Periodic inspection of container

Bulk delivery is made by railcar, ISO tank, milk pots or smaller tanks. In order to fulfil hazardous material transport regulation, these packagings have to be inspected periodically. First, packagings are cleaned in two steps to remove all sodium: mechanical cleaning followed by a chemical treatment. After the cleaning, packaging is free of sodium and internal inspection can be carried out.

For example, inspection frequency for ISO tank is 5 years.

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Maintenance, cleaning, dismantling

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