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Train your operation, maintenance and HSE staff, with our specialists.

The objective of training is mainly to provide detailed information about sodium properties, hazards, reactions and safety precaution. We teach good practices for sodium handling and emergencies such as a sodium fire.

Target audiences are:

  • Operators who daily deal with sodium
  • Fire fighters for intervention on sodium
  • HSE, operation, process, and maintenance team
  • New hires

No pre-requirement is needed to participate in sodium training.

On-line training

MSSA has developed an interactive platform for a personalized training path depending on your needs. The training session ends with a quiz. Results are recorded and a certificate including the score is issued for each participant.

The training platform is available at:

Enter provided user ID and password. Attend the personalized training path made with only modules best suited to your needs.

Training modules are the following:

  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Sodium handling
  • Hazards
  • Maintenance

Exclusive on-site training

MSSA can organize exclusive training sessions and in field exercises for your staff. This is a spectacular opportunity to participate in fire drills as well as observe a sodium-water reaction.

Training can take place either in our plant or on your site. Our experts can study your specific problems and make recommendations for appropriate solutions.

MSSA is registered as a training academy.

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